The Creative Junk store has so much in it!

People have described our warehouse as a treasure trove of craft materials. We accept all sorts of items from people and businesses in the community and we sell it very cheaply. Come and fill a small bag for just $13 (only $8 if you become a member!) or big bag $16 (members $11). There is a lot you can fit into a bag.

Our store now accepts eftpos!! And good old-fashioned cash is always acceptable, too.

Our stock changes by the week, depending on what has been donated. We usually have a good amount of paper, boxes, paints, books, plastic containers, bottle tops, fabrics and so on. On the right you can see the kind of things we have in stock, but the best thing to do is to come and see for yourself.

Don’t throw it away – donate it!

In order to operate successfully we rely on our community to supply us with ‘junk’ (such a misleading word!) If you have access to waste materials that you think may be of use, let us know. Basically we are after anything that can be used for creative play or crafts.

If it is non-toxic, clean and safe – we can use it!

Please note that sometimes we are unable to accept certain items due to storage space and other limitations.

Some of the things we can use

  • aluminium cans
  • art supplies
  • beads
  • buttons, zips, thread, lace
  • candles
  • cards and wrapping paper
  • carpet squares
  • colourful and shiny materials
  • feathers
  • film canisters
  • leather
  • nails, nuts and bolts
  • paints – watercolour, acrylic, oil, tempura (no house house paint or spray paint)
  • paper and card
  • photo albums
  • postcardspuzzles (doesn’t matter if pieces are missing)
  • records and CDs
  • stencils
  • textiles

Just imagine what you could do with this…

And this is only a fraction of the items we stock.
Come and see for yourself – you’ll be amazed!

A full list of items we need

Created from the items in our store…

Any queries? Contact us

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