Creative Boxes

Creative Boxes

Lacking time to collect materials? Then these boxes are for you. We do all the work for you. We pack original and useful material to support the learning environment. You can have a banana box of materials couriered to your door.

$45 per box South Island, including courier
$50 per box North Island, including courier
$5 additional charge for rural delivery (Order form below.)

Tell us what you need and our team of passionate volunteers will gather it from our store and fill the box. We are happy to post our boxes anywhere in New Zealand!

Teachers – we can source materials to support the learning environment, from pots, paints and boxes to paper, glitter and card.
Crafters – we have all sorts of bits n bobs in our store. We can supply you with a selection of fabrics, papers, yarn and ribbon.
Artisans – you will be amazed and inspired.
Parents – creative play is so important for children, helping them to experiment and learn. Our boxes of early learning materials offer ideas for all ages to keep their keen, bright minds entertained.

Please note that will do our best to match our items to your request, but our stock does vary. We will find the closest match we can.

A typical creative box with various items.

A typical box with cardboad, plastic items and paper.

Our boxes are packed by our volunteers and sent all over New Zealand.
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Ordering a box from Creative Junk is easy

To order please fill in the contact form with your NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER. Tell us about the purpose of the box and the kind of items you are looking for. Please deposit money into our account: 03 0830 0231449 00 using your NAME as the reference. No orders can be fulfilled without full payment.

Cost per box:  North Island $50  South Island $45  (Rural delivery add $5)

Items sent out in a creative box unclue cardboard tubes, plastic funnels, bottle tops, foam offcuts and more.

Cardboard tubes, plastc funnels and bottle tops…

Thick plastic pipe segments have a number of uses inc creative play.

Surplus pipe segments can be used in creative play.

Carpet tiles, plastic rings, funnels and segments of keyboards can be used in crafts and creative play.

Carpet tiles, plastics and parts from old phones…

Wooden offcuts have a number of uses in crafts or play.

Wooden discs and offcuts can be used in craft.

We have plenty of crayons, elt pens and other art materials at Creative Junk.

We can add art materials to your box.

Industries drop of surplus plastic items such as this pipe sections - and they can be reused in all sorts of ways.

Surplus plastics have a host of uses….

Children have such imaginations - here a boy sits in a box with a steering wheel - an instant car!

All it takes is a little imagination…

Any queries? Contact us

Creative Junk in Christchurch

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