40 years

Celebrating 41 years!

Creating with junk since 1981

When we began we had a simple idea to collect the surplus offcuts and other ‘waste’ items from local industries (clean, safe and non-toxic waste of course) and distribute them as a cheap source of early learning matrials. It was a win: win situation for us and the planet. Items that would go normally head straight to landfill would be intercepted and find a new use in creative play!

Since then, as word got around, we have become a ‘go to’ storehouse of creative materials for teachers, crafters, artisans and parents. We could not have done it without tremendous support from local businesses and other Christchurch organisations as well as our members who regularly shop at – and donate items to – our store. We hope to be around for another 40 years! Come and celebrate with us!

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