Give the gift of creativity!

Why not try something a little different… and give someone a creative box from Creative Junk!? Our creative boxes are filled with items from our store. They are packed and delivered to your door, choc-a-block with creative materials that your children will enjoy exploring. Our boxes are loved by teachers and families as they provide a variety of materials for early learning and creative play at a very economical price. Even better than that – these materials are things that might normally be thrown away, so you are helping to save the planet too! You can order one here.

Our boxes are not just for children either – if you know someone who loves to sew or craft, we have all sorts of fabrics, lace, zips, buttons and so on. We have a variety of papers, from wallpaper samples to stickers, postcards, photos, albums, cardstock, envelopes…we have nuts and bolts and strange plastic shapes (perfect for making steam punk accessories)… have a look a just a sample. Tell our volunteers what you want the box for in the comment section of the order form (such as the age of your children, or if you have a particular craft in mind) and they will source a bumper box of creative fun for you!

There is no excuse for your children to be bored – get them cracking with a creative box. The only extra you will need is a bit of imagination!!

Have a look below for some ideas. Order your creative box here.

We have Christmassy materials in store from wrapping paper to ribbons, tinsel and colourful papers. Why not make your own decorations this year. Spend time with your kids and make something together!

Here’s a box ready to go – packed with items for creative play. Card tubes, coloured caps are good for sticking and those blue plastic things – are they trumpets? or maybe the arms of a robot? Could they be the base for building a Christmas tree with some green tissue paper?

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