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I love Creative Junk. It’s got everything we need for school projects, and just for fun. Whenever we go, we find what we need, and get ideas for even more projects. There is so much stuff there. All Of The Stuff. It is there. OMG.

Tim musson


There are so many resources here! Plenty for creativity through science too. A great place for children to lead their discoveries.

C Rooney

so much stuff! so many things to do wow creative junk is such a great cave of treasures i make costumes and this is the best place i know to find the unusual things i love to use the new website looks great guys ūüôā

Rachael Travaille

This is a great place for me to personally un-clutter my own home as I now know that when I’m looking for just about anything there is a fantastic place to go and at a very reasonable price. It’s well organised and friendly and a pleasure to visit.

Jillene England


My children (6 & 8) love going to Creative Junk. There is such a huge array of things to choose from, you definitely need to go when you have plenty of time to have a good rummage. There’s no way you could hurry a child (or adult!) out of there. We always go at the beginning of school holidays and their haul keeps them going for days with weird and wacky creations.

S Dickson

creative junk is an amazing resource for weird and wonderful items to create with

Andrea Konnerth

I love the fact I can go and get scraps of materials and transform them into awesome toys for my children, and my kids love making everything from kakapo to dolls clothes.
Such an amazing resource to have in our community

 Jania Galletly


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