Create from junk

We've got lots of great ideas to rethink, re-use and recycle. Drop in soon.

Click & Collect

Creative Junk is available for click and collect

WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY 11am-3pm for Orders, next day pick up or we can arrange postage.

Yes you can get materials for creative play, arts n crafts and learning through play from our wonderful selection of recyclable resources.

For updates check out our facebook page

Place an order by

Please make payment through internet banking to

  • 030830 0231449 00

And put your last NAME for reference.

Cost per bag: small $7.00 members, $10.00 non-members (to pick up contactless)

large $10.00 members, $15.00 non-members (to pick up contactless)

We will have Creative boxes to help support home learning.

To order please email with your NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER, then Deposit money into account number 030830023144900 using your NAME as the reference

Cost per box:  South Island – $40.00  North Island – $45.00  Rural delivery an extra $5.00

If there has been a project you wanted to get started get in touch or children running low on paints, glue and or paper.

Would like to know more please get in contact. There is an option for a video calls to see what we have available please contact arrange a time. We have been in community for 40 years with your support we can continue too.

Stay safe


Craft @ Creative Junk

Sip & Craft @ Creative Junk, Thursday evening 7pm to 9pm, $10 per person, includes materials* *excludes individually priced items. BYO drinks and come and relax and discover your inner crafting self. To register email

Crafty Wednesday @ Creative Junk, Wednesday between 11am and 4pm, (Term only), $5 an hour per person, plus materials. To register email


Community space at 25 Disraeli St, Addington

*providing sewing machines, tools, and resources

for you to create, upcycle and/or repair goods using waste materials.

OPEN: Wednesday to Friday 11am to 4pm  or by arrangement

COST: $5.00 per person per hour, plus materials


Boxes of Creative Materials for sale – New Zealand Wide

Refresh your creative learning resources for with a banana box full of interesting creative materials. Make requests if you have a special project or order a general purpose box. 

Creative Junk is a not-for-profit organisation in Christchurch that promotes the creative recycle, reuse, rethink of creative resources.

Cost per box:  North Island – $45  South Island – $40  Rural delivery an extra $4. To order please email with your NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER, then Deposit money into account number 030830 0231449 00 using your NAME as the reference

Gift Vouchers


Purchase a Creative Junk voucher

$14.00 – 2 bags of junk members

$20.00 – 2 bags of junk non-members

$27.00 – Family membership plus 1 bag of Junk

Available at Creative Junk


  • Please note: Cash or internet transfer. NO EFTPOS

Please contact us to arrange

  • A group visit outside these hours
  • Workshop or birthday party


Car parking is available in front of our building and across the road, Across the road is in the empty section in front of Number 26, so go up driveway opposite our building and there are 6 parking spaces (marked with yellow paint) in middle which can be used while visiting CREATIVE JUNK

New Art Supplies for sale

  • Paints, TEMPERA and ACRYLIC 500 ml and 2 litres FLOURESCENT 500mls
  • PVA Glue SCHOOL and HIGH GRADE  2 litres
  • Variety of Steam Punk embellishments
  • Clock mechanisms


Props, Earth Balls, Blocks, Toddler Steps, Tunnels, Body Socks, Parachutes, Musical Instruments & more.

Many thanks, we have recently received Grants from

  • CERT
  • Christchurch City Council
  • COGS
  • Creative Communities
  • Lions Foundation
  • Mainland Foundation
  • Pub Charity
  • Rata Foundation
  • The Southern Trust

Also to our suppliers, without them we would not be here. So thank you for the wonderful support. We appreciate the great drop offs that come in.


Have you considered becoming a donor or sponsor to our very worthy organisation?

We welcome donations. If for any reason you wish to remain anonymous we would of course respect your wishes. All donations made to us are tax deductible as we are a registered charity.

Creative Junk welcomes new members and opportunities to be involved with the community and to continue generating awareness about creative means of utilizing resources that would otherwise become landfill.


wearable art

Wearable art


We provide an amazing array of unusual and original items for many of primary and secondary schools annual wearable art projects.

We can help with the selection of goods to use,. Our staff and volunteers will help brainstorm with you and your children to develop ideas on how to realise your dream costume and make it a reality.

We are always happy to help as much as we can, just ask us.

tried and tested projects

Over the years we have become well known for our presence at some of the mainstay events that happen annually in Christchurch.

Each year we take part in the winter holiday Kidsfest program. This has always been very popular and often requires early bookings. One of our most memorable events was in conjunction with the Christchurch City Council when we did wearable art with the children and the council held a catwalk and ball in the large snow dome at the park, where the children got to proudly show off their amazing creations.

We are also a popular participant in the Childrens Day festivities. We really enjoy having the parents and children come along and see what they can make out of the materials we provide. This is always fun not just for the kids either! It is very rewarding for us to see the collaboration between families when there are no boundaries on their creativity.

At the end of each year we have a float in the December Santa Parade. We have always had a good turn out for this. We can provide some costumes but really encourage families to come in and get supplies to make their own unique costumes. We love to decorate bikes and scooters too. We have no number limits on this event. The more the merrier. At this time of year we love to remind Christchurch residents to live life to the full and live creatively.